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About Pastor Donna
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Pastor Donna Sallee’, is living proof of how God can take someone who was so timid, so unable to articulate her very thoughts, and transform her into a vessel that God uses to speak hope and peace into the lives of others.

Donna is Co-Pastor at Christ Way Fellowship, Inverness, Florida, with the love of her life, Paul. They have been married eighteen years and together they have a beautiful daughter, Kallai.

Paul, (after losing his first wife to death), brought into their marriage a daughter Tara and a son Zahn. They have 6 adorable grand-children.

Donna is an Ordained Minister, Certified Women's Peer & Prayer Counselor, and an experienced Conference/Retreat speaker.

She has written "Just Give Me 30 Days" a life-changing Mentoring/Impartation manual and conducted the course from the manual for many women in 2006.

Her greatest passion is to empower the wounded to rise up from past hurts, discover how to walk in their God called destiny, and ultimately equip them to minister that same healing deliverance to others.

Out of this passion, a Christian TV program "FresHope" was born. She teaches and interviews overcomers who have dealt with life’s real issues, such as abuse of all types, domestic violence and any kind of inner pain; thus giving the viewers hope that if God will bring the guest from victim to victor, He will do it for them.!

Pastor Paul and Pastor Donna Sallee'